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Golden Hands Massage Therapy, LLC (GHMT, LLC), provides massage therapy and bodywork care, along with energy work to individuals who seek our care. The services provided are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Phenomenal Touch Therapy, and Reflexology. Our care is individualized based upon the needs of the client. Under no circumstances are we to perform bodywork on clients that we are not trained or certified in. We use a massage table or chair to perform our services.

We are open for business from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday by appointment only. Our office is at 14901 E. Hampden Ave., Suite 260, Aurora, CO 80014. We can also bring our massage table or chair to events, or to a client's home or office to perform our services.

The services provided would be administered in accordance to the education that was given to us. Clients are not required to remove any piece of clothing. All work can be done through clothing and/or sheets. Music, towels, blankets, pillows, heat pads, and other ambiance may be used during the session to relax and provide comfort to the client. Oils and/or lotions can be applied to the client for therapeutic and/ or gliding purposes. In some cases, special oils or lotions that are nut-free will be applied to the client due to allergies. Other aromatherapy oils may be applied as long as it is deemed therapeutic, and does not cause harm to the client. At times, cupping, guasha, ear seed, and/ or moxabustion techniques will be applied to help heal the body as part of their treatment. All minors will need to have their parent or guardian present in the treatment room, while massage therapy is given.

Proper draping techniques will be used at all times. Only the areas that are currently being massaged will be exposed. In some cases, clients will be asked to leave undergarment(s) on to properly work on an area without exposing reproductive organs. Clients may also be asked to help in the draping and covering up of these areas. The client also has the discretion to state what other areas that are off limits (i.e feet, upper chest, glutes, etc.). Additionally, the practitioner will not work on areas of the body, which are considered local contraindicated. In all cases, the practitioner will ask the client to reschedule their appointment rather than work on them due to acute issues, or systemic contraindicated conditions or diseases, and also ask that you get a doctor's permission before massage/bodywork is given to them.

For each new client they will be required to fill out an initial intake form, a client consent form, and a HIPAA form before bodywork is given. Minors will need a parent or guardian signature on the consent and HIPAA forms. For each visit, SOAP notes (medical document) will be taken.

GHMT, LLC may bring aboard Independent Contractors, who are other massage therapists, or energy healers that use the same space to perform similar services. They are not employees of Golden Hands Massage Therapy, LLC. They use their own fee structure, linens, oils, lotions, and tools to do their work.

The fee/rate structure is used to let clients know the cost of the services rendered. It includes cost for initial consultation, various massage therapies, cancellation policy, and specials. The fee structure has an expiration date, at which time costs for services can be adjusted, or remain the same.

All applicable business and massage therapy licenses along with certifications will be displayed in a place for clients to see at all times. All licenses need to be up-to-date, or at least be in the process of being initiated or renewed.

These policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.

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